Interview to Joanna Czech, the celebs aesthetician, NYC, New York.

Joanna Czech


Magical hands


I heard so many great things about Joanna and I was so eager to meet her and possibly have her be my aesthetician!.

We met at Paul Labrecque Salon and chatted for a long time. She is sincere, humble, fun, a very hard worker, super nice and absolutely loves what she does. We connected right away!.

Her efforts and hard work have made Joanna the magical hands that everyone wants for their skin.

A beauty and aestetician expert with perfect skin, I must admit I was blown away by her beautiful skin! so jealous!!. Joanna spoke to us about her work and why she loves what she does so much.

At the end she did my eyebrows and girls! I have the most beautiful eyebrows in the world!!! ;))) from now on I have aesthetician!.;)

Thanks a million Joanna for spending the afternoon with me!!.

Joanna & the Fairy
Joanna & the Fairy


How do you remember your childhood?

My childhood was modest but very loving. I remember a very close family. It was my younger brother, my parents and I. My parents were very hard working. I loved music so I wanted to understand the songs and I chose to study English as an extra language, along with mandatory Russian. I took piano lessons and extra English classes.

I was also an athlete.   From the age of   7, I was chosen for athletic programs in the and competed until I was about 20, almost 13 years! I was a runner, 5K was my competition. I am short but I was a good basketball player (smile); very fast and a quick thinker. Sports helped me stay disciplined, to be organized and to work hard. I loved sports!.


When was your passion for beauty born?

I don’t know if it was passion for beauty but rather for aesthetics.Beauty came by chance. I went to the Aesthetic Institute in Poland because I did not pass physics in order to get into medical school!

After the first three months, of studying pathology, physiology and anatomy I said, “Oh my god! I’m loving every single moment!.”

I was 25 years old and moved to New York City. You have to be 25 to come to a completely different country and make such a decision. I don’t know if I would have made that decision now! The 20s is a crazy age!. We think we’re just so smart and amazing..!;)


I got very lucky and got a job in my profession quickly upon my arrival. After two years I started getting recognized for what I was doing. Nineteen years ago, I joined the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa at their original location which was on 67th St and Columbus at the Reebook Club. That’s where many celebrities used to go and they were my clients. That’s sort of how it all began!


Some of your clients are celebs like Anna Wintour, Uma Thurman, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Laura Linney, Christy Turlington, Trudie Styler, Sting! What do you offer? Why do you think they love you? (Because they do;))

I guess being myself and honest! Honesty is very important as is hard work and being available. Making yourself available is so important because you are needed around the clock, could be 2am, 10pm, you need to be willing to go when they ask.


If they have something wrong you will tell them?

Yes. I would not say, “Oh my god, this is so horrible.” Hahaha, I have my own way of helping and communicating.


You spend long time with your clients and because of that you become friends!

Yes. We get to know each other. We become friends. My life is my work. I don´t have children so they are my children ;).

I love to take care of people. That’s what keeps me going. I think it’s good to be in service.


You are currently between Dallas and NYC. What is your beautyphilosophy?  

To me beauty is really intelligence, goodness,   health and the   stories behind your expression lines.

What is the difference between working in Dallas and in NYC?

Different culture. Different worlds. I have to say I went through less of a culture shock moving from Poland to New York than from NYC to Dallas! (smile).

If I was 25, I would probably not think about it. Now I have different perspectives. Coming from Poland is one thing, coming from New York another thing!


I know you travel to where your clients are. Do you have any clients in Spain? What do you think Spaniards need more in a beauty sense?

I think the Spanish people that I have had the pleasure of meeting are quite well taken care of, extremely attractive and exotic!   That’s my experience, you are happy people!. I think there is a part of your   culture, where there is an importance put on taking care of yourself and it shows!

Spanish skin needs many antioxidants and lots of Vitamin C because they are natural sunblock. Beautiful olive skin has the tendency to scar easily. That’s why it’s important to support it, to make it strong and include a certain level of SPF. But, again, don’t go wild with the numbers, 30 SPF is the highest you need to go as if you go higher, the chemical reaction between UVA, skin enzymes and SPF ingredients could create hyperpigmentation.


Here in NY, what is your top sales product or treatment?

I love LED therapy and that’s what my clients from other cities travel here to get. LED therapy starts with a Sapphire peel, chips of sapphire stone attached to a plastic plate that this gives me more control than the popular microdermabrasion technique.

I always start with one side of the face to show the difference to the client. The Machine that I use has dual modality, microcurrent-shaping muscles, LED light infuses the chosen product. With this machine, you can treat scars, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, redness or acnaic condition.

The results of my treatments last for about 21 days.


Could you tell me an easy tip to do at home?

For home, consistency is always helpful. For a nice massage I would put your thumbs under your cheekbones and just press, release, press, release with a little lifting movement a couple of times. You just press the shape of the face. It works!


Just a massage with any cream?

Try a lifting serum like La Mer´s new Sculpting Lifting Serum, which is great. Use the   press and release application. When you press the skin with the product on it, the skin slightly, microscopically opens. When you release, it grasps the product. So the product is trapped. It’s all microscopic, but it really makes a difference. Work with a big surface, not just with the finger. Keep sculpting it.


La Mer. Did the brand know that you loved their products that much?

They did not know when they met me. They know now!

Ohh!, the smell of the original cream reminds me of my grandma and my mom for some reason and transports me home! I love the ritual of application, it is very comforting to me.  They are an amazing brand!


Do you remember who was your first famous client? Afterwards did you rely on word of mouth?

Yes, my first famous client was Trish Goff, a top model. She was, I believe 19, very pretty. She was my first one and I did a manicure and pedicure for the cover of Vogue magazine. That was my first big job. Then I had a brief moment with Barbra Streisand for “A Mirror Has Two Faces”.

I was working at Paul Labrecque, they were all coming there!


And then?

Then people like Natasha Richards! yes, it started happening word of mouth. Then, later on, like maybe 8 years ago, Kate Winslet, Penelope, Kim Cattrall (Samantha “Sex on the city”)!


What about your passion for shoes?

I think that is sort of my craziness!! (smile). Look!.


She showed me some pics on the phone, just amazing!!!.


Oh, wow! Organized by colors!

Yes! hahaha. I keep saying that I have 300 pairs of shoes, but I’ve been saying for the last three years that I have 300 pairs, so I probably have a little more (smile).   I love shoes!!!. Lingerie is anotherfavorite and bathing suits too.


How about the prices of your treatments and services? Since   you work with such high profile celebrities, some people might think it’s impossible to afford!

No, no. The prices are not crazy; My ”˜basic facial´ is $225 and not so basic, again, because you get a manual massage and an ultrasound water peel, which I love.$550 for the LED therapy treatment starts at $550 and takes between 60-90 minutes. It really depends on my clients specific skin and if I want to remain in some area a little longer or add extra time. I truly customize each facial.

If the skin is strong, they won’t see an immediate difference, but I want them to understand that we are slowing down the aging process with my treatments. This is not only about fixing a problem but being consistent and supporting what you have, and not allowing it to become worse.


Beauty and health are hot topics everywhere. What are your thoughts on the market now? Is it becoming an obsession?

There is a bit of an obsession and perhaps always has been for some women. Extremism is never healthy. Again, balance and moderation are the most important states. Proper nourishment is important for your health, for your skin. The skin doesn´t lie, you can tell if a person has a healthy diet and lifestyle, if they like salt or not, you know, if they drink alcohol or not. I can tell a lot by looking at the skin tone and extremities. There are some positive aspects to this obsession with health and beauty. I got so spoiled by New York because on every corner you can get fresh juice and so on. In Dallas, for instance, I feel like an obese brunette! The women are all so slim and blond. They take their health and beauty VERY seriously and and are not afraid of doing anything and everything to maintain themselves, some things not as natural as others! I believe in a healthy diet and lifestyle. I think we should be conscious of what we eat.   Moderate portions without avoiding an entire food group. Seventy percent of the way we look is what we put in, our diet. Thirty percent is our lifestyle. This is the same with cosmetics, the better the ingredients combined with the proper application, the better the results.


Could you share any of your personal beauty or diet tips?

I’m definitely a fan of night time maintenance, it is so important!!!. Preparing your skin for relaxation time is the best. This is when your skin is about 60 percent more potent to absorb everything. Your face starts with your décolletage and ends with the hairline

Diet is also very important. I don’t know if this is unique but I love my chia and flaxseed in the morning. There are lots of omegas in my diet, 3, 6, 9. They create hydration and suppleness in the skin. I love avocado and it’s great for you but it is high in fat and needs to be eaten in moderation. I could live on guacamole! hahaha. A piece of bread, cheese and guacamole on top of it, and espresso. This is for me. I say coffee is an antioxidant. I found a cardiologist who agrees that coffee is good for you;).


Do you have any other projects for the future?  

I have a book proposal that I have not spoken to anybody about yet! People seem to want to know about my ideas, my secrets to great skin… I am very serious about seasonal skin care, coming from a country with four seasons… I think that it is very important and can be applied to everybody. If you live in a country with only one season, say summer, read the chapter about summer!. This is a bigproject;).

Also, I’m on the 16th formulation of my own cream and I’m not satisfied yet. For a year and a half, I have been working with a terrific laboratory in Los Angeles. It still needs work as I am perfectionist and will only be satisfied with the perfect cream, nothing less.


What would you say to our readers?

Come to see me or invite me to Spain (smile), because I haven’t been there yet!


You are more than invited!!!My place is your place!!;)




Do you believe in fairy tales?

I think I do because of my personal journey, coming from Poland and now living between NYC and Dallas… As I said, I don’t know Joanna Czech. I know Joanna. I’m almost observing Joanna Czech from aside. So I guess they are fairy tale stories;).

Which one would your fairy tale be like?

Peace in any meaning of the word. Peace for all of us and peace in world.

Peace and forgiveness.

Red wine, rosé or champagne?

I don’t drink and I never did. What kind of Polish person am I? hahaha

I can have a sip of wine, probably white!

Which talent would you like to have?

Singing, music and dancing!.

Do you cook?

Cooking is like art, being a great chef is very, very creative and artistic.

I can prepare perfect strawberries, and slice cheese perfectly. I know what makes sense together, your crackers and your pate. I know what to do because my parents ran a restaurant. I know how to set beautiful tables, silver! hahaha

What makes you cry?

Emotions. Music:   songs transport me back to different places. Sometimes they are happy tears, sometimes they are sad tears because I miss those situations. Movies, both happy and sad endings make me cry.

And smile?

Definitely great jokes and an amazing sense of humor.   That is very simple. Smiling to myself? Actually seeing the effects of my work. Very secretive smiles. Even my clients don’t see these because I’m sitting and bending over them. I realize I’m smiling to myself when I see it. Otherwise, in general, aesthetics make me smile and makes me peaceful.

Which two things does the house of your dreams need to have?  

Definitely very spacious rooms. It has to have balcony and a beach nearby.

What is your motto?

I think honesty is one word. Inner beauty and healthy self-esteem, which I am working on constantly!

What´s your biggest fear?

The Unknown. I’m still scared of the unknown.

Who has given you a life lesson?

My parents. I owe them everything.


Thanks so much Joanna fir your time!!!Its been a pleasure!! See you soon for my beauty session!!!.


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