About me

Carolina Ribera, an accomplished businesswoman and emerging artist, has had a career in PR that has brought her to both London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona. After an incident, whilst on a safari journey in Zimbawbe, left her with a broken fibula and forced her to be at home to rest, Carolina found herself having more time to create and explore her artistic spirit.

She had always dreamed of getting her hands and feet dirty, to fill a blank canvas with colourful dreams, and now she finally had the opportunity to experiment. She rummaged through her house, finding furniture paints, stamps and old spray paints, and with these simple tools she made her first paintings.

Her little romantic and bohemian studio in Costa Brava that used to be her fathers physics garage filled with tools and inventions, is now filled with paint, canvases, experiences and memories.

Carolina Ribera’s pieces are a mixture of photography, mixed media, collage, acrylic, pop art, graffiti, textures, music and words.




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