A cocktail with Denis Carre, Gangnam Style, Lookalike of PSY. Coctelería Gimlet, Barcelona.




Denis & The Fairy

 We met at a flower party in Barcelona and we connect straight away. Denis is very, very positive, a life warrior with great values, for good or not, he knows what means being at the top or eating dust (as he has explained to me), is an artist, loves music, instruments, and adores luxury and fashion. He needs having the control, he misses spending time with his friends, he is like a child at parties and loves making others happy. He’s honest, fun and he has born entrepreneur!.

You have been born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in Clermont-Ferrand, France, how do you remember your childhood?

I was adopted when I was three years old, the oldest memory I have is when I arrived to Orly airport, Paris, and my “mother” give me my first glass of water! I remember the environment!

I had a quiet childhood, I was very curious about things, I started to play the guitar when I was five years old and my parents let me do everything I wanted, from being a photographer, a fashion designer, playing drums! very artistic from a young age!.

Strategic marketing, branding, public relations, corporate image, entrepreneurship, luxury, fashion, lifestyle, wine, environmental law, economics, politics! you love all this!.

Yes, I love all of that!, but the thing I particularly love is entrepreneurship, not having a boss above me and doing what I do for my own and myself.

You have studied orchestra conducting, drama and Italian opera, also you play the guitar, drums and percussion, what means music to you?

Yes, I wanted to become and orchestra conductor!, but I am obviously not! ¡ however, I have a musical side. Managing and keeping the control of the things is what I like and what I did with my companies on the past, and the orchestra conducting studies helped me to learn about it. Even now, the lookalike job is not just for fun, it´s a real little business and I prefer to control everything.

Music means to me! It´s a way to express myself, my emotions, when you are angry, sad, happy! I rather use music to explain my feelings than just words! I adore music!

And your music style is!   (You have skills and style in rock, jazz and blues)

Hahaha I studied to learn flamenco as well!, then I played in a rock band, jazz! I am not restrictive in the style of music I play or listen, for me music represents your personality, is not good or bad music, its always about your feelings, your mood, your emotions!

I know you love fashion and luxury, what do you love of this world?

Its mostly that I understand it for some reason, I always loved sophistication, therefore luxury and fashion too, I believe luxury is something that is technically beautiful and is not only about the esthetics for example, a peace of art is beautiful, what an artist try to make and communicate! is sophistication too.

Gangnam Style, who had the idea of you being the official lookalike of PSY? How did it started?

I was in Dublin, and people recognized me, is not that I decided to become, it just happened, to the eyes of people I look like him! One day, I couldn´t move anymore because they stopped me all the time, some people came crazy!.

At the end of last year, someone in a nightclub said to me Gangnam Style, and my life change. At the first time I didn´t know who he was, because people were asking me for photos on the street I looked into internet to see him! (Laughing) and suddenly he become more and more famous. People asked me, could you do the dance? hahaha, so my family and friends told me – If you are already disturbed when you are on the street, why don´t you make money out of that?, you are doing it anyway-. I sent my CV to Lookalike Agency and I did my firts performance after that.

I originally moved to Barcelona as a business consultant professional and the thing is, when I arrived to the 080 fashion show, all the people went crazy, I couldn´t say a word, they didn´t listening to me just wanted pictures with me!, so I started to work, I say ok, is working, and I decided to do it for real, not until this moment I was sure of doing it.

What you were doing before the song explode?

I would like to say, that about a year ago I´ve lost everything, I mean everything. I did the wrong choices, business choices, job choices! I had zero, in October 2011, I had one euro for my daily budget, my meal was a McDonals burger, and having hit the dust so much and eating really the soil I´ve learn to appreciate more the value of things and I keep my feet down to earth, the song changed my life.

Are you happy with your decision?

Yes! I had to change a couple of things and the way of my projects were, but yes I am happy now with the shape everything is taking.

Now you are a celeb hahaha, are you happy with that or sometimes do you miss your life?

What I miss more is having time with my friends, I don´t have too much time for them anymore! this has change completely! my public image has change my life, everywhere I am going I am filming, taking photos, performing! Sounds crazy but is like that! before was more quiet! however my friends still there and they are very supportive! They are amazing!.

What about your fans?

I have two types of fans, the fans of PSY and now, I have my own fans, Denis fans, which is so great!! People know that its me, the lookalike, but they stopping me anyway as Denis and they still wanted to do a pic with me, awesome!!.

Do you know the real PSY? Or are you planning to?

We are trying to get in touch, the managers are talking, is not done yet, but I am sure it will be done soon, would be fun!!.

You have to dress, dance and sing like him, it´s the process been difficult? I know he doesn´t like to wear socks!

I always wear suits, always, so I didn´t had to change that much, the only thing, as you said, are the socks (smiling), I didn´t had to do any effort about it, my style is more or less like that, so is not a big deal, still being me and my essence.

Do you work for parties, public and private events, how is it?

Is great!, we are always very clear on the communication, we never say that I am him, at the parties, people reception is usually very positive, even when they realize I am the lookalike they say… – ooooh your are just the lookalike! Could I take a picture with you? – Hahaha, is always like that! Very amusing!.

I don´t mid I just want to show my work, make people laugh and happy, I want them to have fun!.

I believe that you have also not really nice comments on Facebook! from nasty followers!

I have haters everywhere!, I tried to reply to everyone but I cant haha, if I do it, I will have a full time job!. However, my aim its to entertain people, and I try to do it properly, I didn´t do the surgery to look like him, and I am not going to do the surgery to don´t look like him, I am how I am! so I cant change his minds!

Usually people are giving me respect, more that expected, I have more people how love me than people how hates me… I am a lucky guy;)

This its been a boom now but, if this finishes! what would you like to do?

Exactly!, yes, for that reason I separate my character, obviously could go down and I don´t want to go down too, I am a complete different identity, with my own music and my own future. Now people understand that I am lookalike but I am myself with my projects and songs. That´s the message I am trying to give.

Any projects for the future?

Well! maybe television, movie industry has contacting me, a music project, a single production! I hope everything is going well!.

How do you define yourself?

Energetic!!. I don´t know how to rest! (Laughing), I usually sleep 3 or 4 hours at night, crazy! I hate doing nothing; I have to be on the mood, so now I am feeling busy and happy with the events, TV appearances, concerts!

What do you do exactly in a normal day?

Normal days are not normal days anymore!!! Hahaha. Everyday is different, when I do nothing I love to sleep; now I love doing siesta;).

You work at night and long hours! sometimes is difficult!

Yes! you have to keep the feet on the ground, keep nice people around and listening to the people who tell you the truth! sometimes night its complicated!

Would you like to send a message to the readers??

Yes, I would like to say that I am here to entertain; I hope that I wont disappoint anyone in the way I do entertainment.

Try to be always positive and enjoy life!!



El hada madrina
El hada madrina

Do you believe in fairy tales?

I do!.

Do you have pets?

Not anymore! I use to have a dog, two rabbits and a tortoise.

Indispensable fashion piece?

A watch.

Red, white, rose or champagne?


Where and when are you happy?

When I am with the people I love most and where ever it´s a bit of sun.

What is your biggest fear?

Fear itself.

Something crazy you’ve done or experienced?

Plenty of crazy things!! hahaha maybe one of the craziest was to go to London just for one night for a party, it was really last minute call at the time I had no money! that was a crazy thing…

What is the defect that most hate in others?


What talent would you like to have?

I would love to fly! But because I am colorblind I could not be a pilot! so I am not allowed to fly! shame!

Which is your favorite fiction, historical, Disney, tale character?

Oww interesting question! (smile) I never thought about it!,   probably is Tin Tin, in the way he always gives a positive message, travels around the world, he doesn´t judge anyone!. I like him;)

What makes you smile?

Other people smiling;)

What makes you sad?

Other people being sadL

Which do you consider your greatest achievement has been?

Maybe to have been able to get my name recognized! My grandfather was always with me and when he passed away was a tough time, I do lots of things now in his memories, I know I carry his legacy and I promised my self I will do it right. He always believed in trying something and not following the conventional stereotypes, so maybe seeing my name in all the media! he would be proud.

What is your slogan?

Life is short but wide!

What would you like to be when you grow up?

To be a model, in the way that I would like people to say: – Denis was impeccable on what he did, he did it well.

A toast to?


Sea or mountain?


Paella or fideua?

Never tried fideua! so I have to say paella!.

Which two things have to have the house of your dreams?

A swimming pool for sure and a big, big garden!.

Do you use any home remedy?

Yes, maybe to cure hangover! ¡ I just use painkillers ;))).

Do you like cooking?

I do!.

TV or book before sleep?

Neither! no sleeping haha, no seriously, internet.

How many alarms do you put every morning?

Oww about six! I am always afraid of not listening the first one!

Day or night?


Are you superstitious?

Sometimes yes! I wouldn´t walk under stairs! you know usual staff.

Breakfast, appetizer, brunch, lunch or dinner?


Football team?

I am not watching football!

Meat or fish?


Sweet or salty?


A love, adventure, horror, thriller, romantic! film?

“The Schindler List”. I love intelligent speaking films.

Favorite city?

My favorite place is Paris.



Bruja Pirula
Bruja Pirula

Do you miss someone?

Yes I do.

Who or what has given you a life lesson?

When I felt on 2011 give me a lesson how important is choosing carefully the people you choose!

Up or down?

Hahahaha down I am to lazy now! (laughing loud)

Underwear for a girl, black or white?


Blonde, brunette, redhead?

I have no preferences on that, doesn´t really matters!

What nationality seems sexiest to you?


What part of your body you like most?

I probably love my tongue hahaha.

And less?

My feet hahaha.

Saver or spender?


Poker, roulette or black Jack?

Uuuuhhh poker!!

Have you ever smoked a joint?

Yes I have!

Have you ever stolen anything?

Yes I have, when I was a kid, I remember steeling a small car for children in a supermarket!

Do you have price?

You wouldn´t be able to afford me!! Hahaha, no, I am free! I don´t think I have price!

Did you cheated on exams?

Never. If I fail I fail for myself.

Did you fail an alcohol control test?

I have done one once, but I was ok, I don´t drive if I drink.

Have you cried for love?


Have ever you cheated?

No, I haven´t cheat in that way! I talk about it in one relationship and never happened.

Do you have someone in your sweetheart?

Yes, I do!

Did you get up one day thinking, OMG what I have done yesterday!?

To many times!!! hahaha

Did anybody defraud or betray you?




Do you regret anything?

I don´t regret, everything happens for a reason!

Do you believe in the horoscope?

I don´t do it because I don´t know the day I was born! so!

OMG! And when are you celebrating your birthday?

The 6th of April, everyday is my birthday!!!.

Do you believe in God or something?

Yes, I believe in something, there is a force out here, the universe, I am believer of the true of nature.

Thanks so much Denis for your time and for opening your heart to me!

Thanks to you!, Is the most personal interview I have ever done, I love it!! Thanks so much Carolina;))

Did you enjoy the cocktail, would you recommend the place?

Yes, the cocktail was really nice, both were amazing!, quiet place, really confortable here on the terrace and very good service. Thank you very much to all!.


Ñampa Zampa
Ñampa Zampa


Calle Santaló, 46

08021 Barcelona

932 01 53 06

photo 5

Apostando una vez más por Javier de las Muelas, Denis y el hada se sentaron tranquilamente en la terracita del Gimlet a tomar un buen cóctel!.

Está situado en la zona alta de Barcelona y gracias a su larga y constante trayectoria, se ha convertido en un referente en el mundo de la coctelería. Un sitio que mezcla lo tradicional con lo creativo, tanto en su decoración y estilo como en su carta de maravillosos combinados. Como siempre y en todos sus locales, nos trataron estupendamente, así da gusto! y lo mejor…. sus cócteles están de rechupete!.

photo 2

photo 1

Gente guapa, buen ambiente, música y una larga carta de bebidas relajantes ;). Si quieres disfrutar después de trabajar y poner un toque de color en tu día laboral, ¡Gimlet es tu lugar!.

Como buena coctelería que es y yo, fiel a mis principios! – ¡allí donde fueres haz lo que vieres!-

Nos pedimos!

–             Coctel de Lychee y cherry con ron

–             Coctel Passion, de maracuyá con ginebra

photo 3

Gracias Nati y Fran por vuestras atenciones y por vuestras increíbles manos cocteleras. Gracias a todo el equipo de Drymartini, como siempre, ¡genial!.

También nos tomamos unas croquetitas de queso y jamón deliciosas para acompañar!, la verdad es que yo llegaba directa del AVE de Madrid sin haber comido, y me sentó todo de maravilla!


Denis, did you enjoy the cocktail, would you recommend the place?

Yes, the cocktail was really nice, both were amazing!, quiet place, really confortable here on the terrace and very good service. Thank you very much to all!.


En la vitrina podemos ver todo tipo de utensilios necesarios para hacer los cócteles de Javier de las Muelas, su libroits a must, y el set de coctelería un capricho de regalo:) ( ahí queda eso… a ver si alguien me lo regala… jijiji)

photo 4

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